Prepare Land with Maps

Download the best maps to prepare your route

The first thing we need to do is make sure we're using the latest version of Land, although I imagine you already are. Just in case, if you're not, download and install Land 9.

Once installed, it's important to get a good cartographic base to study the area on which we are going to create our route. If you're new to this map stuff, here's a quick overview of the different types of maps and how they differ, so you'll know which one is best for your route.

Types of Maps


Here you will see the terrain relief you are about to step on. The contour lines will give you an idea of the difficulty of the area. You'll find paths, shortcuts, national parks, lakes...


They usually contain the same type of information as topographic maps and also include urban and interurban information. Essential for using the FastTrack tool


Aerial photographs where you will quickly identify the elements of the landscape you are moving through: fields, lakes, refuges, roads, urban areas, buildings...


Relief maps open up the possibility to simulate the environment of your adventure with a very realistic recreation of the place in 3D so you can assess the difficulty of your route

The maps we'll need

For the Garrotxa area we will use:

- Alpina Garrotxa (cost: €10): The most specialized map, it contains the most information. My favorites

- Spain Topo Provinces Girona (cost: €9): Optional map. The Alpina map already covers the entire route, this one will serve as support in case of doubt

- OSM Spain (cost: €4): Essential for using the FastTrack tool, which will greatly facilitate creating new sections in the track

- ICC Catalonia Ortho (cost: €0): We will use it to know the terrain: if there are forests, possible refuges, or if our route will be all day in the sun

- 3D Relief Spain (cost: €0): We will use it to accentuate the terrain relief on our map and to see a three-dimensional view of the place

These maps cost more or less €25 and we can use them both in Land, to prepare the routes, and in our TwoNav GPS and TwoNav App, during excursions. In addition, we will be able to use the same maps for this and other excursions in the area.

If your budget is low, I recommend using free maps, you will find them in the 'Online Maps' section in the Land data tree.

In that section you will find maps from all over the world that you can use in Land and in the TwoNav App, but not in a TwoNav GPS.

- Spain Topo Online (cost: €0)

- ICC Catalonia Ortho Online (cost: €0)

If instead of visiting the Garrotxa you are thinking of visiting other areas, you will need other maps. If this is your case, I recommend taking a look at the TwoNav maps catalog, I'm sure you will find the perfect map for your area.


How to Install Maps in Land

How to Install Maps in a TwoNav GPS or TwoNav App

Now that we have our cartographic base, let's look for the route on some of the platforms compatible with TwoNav.

Let's continue

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