4 routes, 1 destiny: Do the Camino de Santiago

Mission accomplished!

How about you? Surely you've thought about making the journey...

Why did we choose Camino de Santiago?

It is a world-famous route. Medieval pilgrims travelled the different paths to Santiago as a purification journey to achieve inner peace. These days it's very common to do the route for personal reasons.

When will it take place?

This summer, from June 29th to July 2nd

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Why now?

In these difficult times, we at TwoNav want to go back to basics and start over. We have assembled a group of very enthusiastic cyclists and hikers who are willing to experience their greatest post-lockdown adventure.

What path are we going to take?

There are many roads that lead to Santiago, we propose two: the French Way (cycling team) and the English Way (hiking team)

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The Participants

Committed to the environment

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New TwoNav App: Test it on the Camino de Santiago

During the challenge, participants have the opportunity to test the new App TwoNav exclusively. A multisport app with the most powerful tools for orientation, navigation and training that every cyclist and hiker should use.

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