TwoNav offers custom geolocation solutions.
TwoNav customizes its professional solutions according to each customer needs. TwoNav offers continuous accompaniment all the way

Why do professionals choose TwoNav?

TwoNav, made in Spain

There is always a solution regardless of the client's operating system (Windows, Mac, Android, Linux...)

Work easily with multiple files at once (*.ECW, *.RMAP, *.IMP, *.IMG, *.KML, *.KMZ, *.MPVF, *.OSM, *.TIF, *.SHP, *.VMAP...)

Coordinates & Datums
Compatible with multiple coordinate systems and international datums

Robust devices compatible with the TwoNav Ecosistema

Tracks & Waypoints
Easy creation and edition of references on the map

Edition of imported maps, both for object's shape and position

They choose TwoNav over its competitors for its...

Compared to other professional solutions that are often tied to a larger project and order

Solid functional base, any user can easily understand and use the product (tested with B2C clients)

Thanks to its professionalism and knowledge, TwoNav is open to the customization needs of each client

GPS for Law Enforcement

Police, Army, Private surveillance...

How is TwoNav different?

GPS for Emergency services

Firefighters, Maritime patrols, Helicopter rescues...

How is TwoNav different?

GPS for Forest agents

Environmental agents, Rural guards, Forest inspectors...

How is TwoNav different?

GPS for Active tourism

Rural houses, campsites, cultural initiatives...

How is TwoNav different?

What GPS is the best for your Activity?

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TwoNav Ecosystem

TwoNav accompanies you at every stage. Live a complete and safe experience from start to finish.

Plan your route with LAND

1. Prepare
Download Land and plan in detail the itinerary you are going to travel on your next outing.

Link your GPS with APP Link

2. Connect
Pair the GPS with TwoNav Link App, you can synchronize activities, receive WhatsApp? messages and calls.

GPS devices

3. Navigate
Explore the mountains with the experience and safety of a TwoNav GPS: orientation, precision and reliability.

Download maps to your GPS

4. Discover
Zoom in on the map and find alternative paths. Mark as many waypoints as you need.

Relay your position from the GPS

5. Broadcast
Broadcast your position in real time wherever you are. Guarantee your safety.

Synchronize the last activity from the GPS

6. Analyze
Synchronize your last activity with the GO Cloud?. Have tracks stored in a safe and reliable place.

TwoNav GPS for Outdoor

Ver Ecosystem

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All the potential of TwoNav now at your disposal. Ready to enjoy your favorite activity even more?

We are currently developing more projects

Designed for both the professional and sports markets

Professional market projects

- Connection with external GPS for greater accuracy and connectivity
- Anti-jamming systems
- New functions for vector maps advanced edition
- Add the functions of vectorial edition of maps in the TwoNav App
- Maps at constant scale on devices of any dimension
- Improved search engine by name on custom maps
- Improved usability and security of SeeMe™ and Amigos™

Sports market projects

- New GPS: Terra (multisport with wide screen)
- New GPS: Roc (small and compact for bicycle)
- Connectivity with eBikes
- Bluetooth Dual BLE technology
- 5G Wi-Fi technology
- Optimization of GPS positioning systems (AGPS, SBAS...)
- More precision in data (heights, distances and slopes)
- Subscription model for TwoNav App (Android and iOS)
- Installation of maps without cables
- Virtual cloud for maps
- MAC OS graphics acceleration system
- 'AutoPause' function

...and in the coming years we will focus on:

Compatibility with more formats (MBTiles...), custom online map cache, skins for vector maps...

Improvements on roadbooks creation, tracks unification, subtracks analysis and new graphics system

Powermeter improvements, trainings by intervals, Strava live segments and new 'Indoor' mode

Develop new analysis mode: Autolaps by slope

Route calculation
New autoroute function for bike-friendly tracks and routes

Integrate photos into tracks to make them easy to share on social media

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