GPS for Law Enforcement

Police, Army, Private surveillance...

How is TwoNav different?

GPS for Emergency services

Firefighters, Maritime patrols, Helicopter rescues...

How is TwoNav different?

GPS for Forest agents

Environmental agents, Rural guards, Forest inspectors...

How is TwoNav different?

GPS for Active tourism

Rural houses, campsites, cultural initiatives...

How is TwoNav different?

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Plan your route with LAND

1. Prepare
Download Land and plan in detail the itinerary you are going to travel on your next outing.

Link your GPS with APP Link

2. Connect
Pair the GPS with TwoNav Link App, you can synchronize activities, receive WhatsApp? messages and calls.

GPS devices

3. Navigate
Explore the mountains with the experience and safety of a TwoNav GPS: orientation, precision and reliability.

Download maps to your GPS

4. Discover
Zoom in on the map and find alternative paths. Mark as many waypoints as you need.

Relay your position from the GPS

5. Broadcast
Broadcast your position in real time wherever you are. Guarantee your safety.

Synchronize the last activity from the GPS

6. Analyze
Synchronize your last activity with the GO Cloud?. Have tracks stored in a safe and reliable place.

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