Which Mountain GPS is the best for you?

There are key aspects that will help you identify which is the GPS you need: robustness, screen, buttons, autonomy, maps, accessories and connectivity

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GPS for Hiking

You have a whole world to discover, discover new places that until now you did not know. Join the challenge.

Essential features for a Hiking GPS

GPS for Mountaineering

If you are planning your next ascent to a peak, be prepared to withstand extreme levels of hardness avoiding any risk.

Essential features for a Mountaineering GPS

GPS for Mountain Skiing

Feel the world under your feet as you descend the highest peaks. Let yourself go without neglecting your safety.

Essential features for a Mountain Ski GPS

GPS for Trail Running

If you are one of those who seeks self-improvement in each workout, prepare yourself like a professional and achieve the satisfaction of reaching your goals.

Essential Features for a Trail Running GPS


If you also practice MTB, Gravel, Bikepacking or Road Cycling, this may interest you!

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TwoNav Ecosystem

TwoNav accompanies you at every stage of your adventure. Live a complete and safe experience from start to finish.

Plan your route with LAND

1. Prepare
Download Land and plan in detail the itinerary you are going to travel on your next outing.

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2. Connect
Pair the GPS with TwoNav Link App, you can synchronize activities, receive WhatsApp? messages and calls.

GPS devices

3. Navigate
Enjoy the mountain with the experience and safety of a TwoNav GPS: orientation, precision and reliability.

Download maps to your GPS

4. Discover
Zoom in on the map and find alternative paths. Mark as many waypoints as you need.

Relay your position from the GPS

5. Broadcast
Broadcast your position in real time wherever you are. Guarantee your safety and that of your family members.

Synchronize the last activity from the GPS

6. Analyze
Synchronize your last activity with the GO Cloud?. Share your experience with friends and other fans.

TwoNav GPS for Outdoor

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