Committed to a Positive Climate

Positive climate is the action of having a positive impact on the environment, instead of simply trying to reduce its negative impact. At TwoNav we have been committed to this type of action for years.

How do we make it possible?


Creating a sustainable and recyclable packing to prolong its useful life


Reducing the carbon footprint by manufacturing everything locally


Reduce, Reuse and Recycle in the values and actions of the company


Promoting sustainable actions among our users

Webinar about Sustainability

Our ambassadors Albert Bosch, Núria Picas and Ferran Latorre give their opinion

"To be neutral is to be part of the problem. Those of us who practice sports must be responsible and take care of nature to continue enjoying it"

Albert Bosch (@albertbosch_), Ambassador TwoNav

"Today more than ever it is essential to talk about sustainability. Promoting sustainability is educating and respecting the environment"

Núria Picas (@nuriapicasoficial), Ambassador TwoNav

We are all part of the solution

Small actions with big impact. You add up?

Code of ethics for sustainable hiking

As hikers we know that when we enter nature we become guests. That is why everyone who practices sustainable hiking must be governed by an ethical code in which respect for the environment and sports sustainability prevail

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Forest reforestation

At TwoNav we are fully aware of the need to help the environment, being more sustainable and investing in actions that help improve our planet

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Plogging: Sustainable sport

Plogging is a sustainable initiative born in Sweden that combines sports like running with care for the environment. Those who practice it collect the rubbish (garbage) that they find on the ground when they go running

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Race 'Keep clean and run'

After running and cycling through Italy from north to south, collecting hundreds of tons of abandoned waste, meeting and raising awareness with thousands of people, the Keep Clean and Run for Peace 2021 initiative, the longest plogging in the world, puts in evidence the problem of garbage in our different ecosystems

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