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APP TwoNav Premium

APP TwoNav Premium

Enjoy your sport with the simplest, most intuitive smartphone navigation on the market. Experience TwoNav!

$ 6.99



Enjoy double navigation with TwoNav

The most powerful smartphone navigation software on the market

TwoNav gives you the best navigation for any sports activity and guarantees trouble free driving on the road. You also have the option of creating personalised profiles for each activity, using useful alarms (deviation from route, speed limits and so on) and setting useful fields on the spot.



Every detail matters!

Load unlimited maps, routes, tracks and waypoints and enjoy all your trips just like you always wanted to. You can also save all your tracks and repeat the experience whenever you want.


Compatibility with maps of any kind

Perfect navigation on high-quality maps

The best resolution in an extensive map catalogue. Load your own scanned maps or access free maps online, such as Open Street Maps.


A wealth of information at your fingertips

More than 80 different data fields

Benefit in real time from useful information (speeds, heights, distances...), a host of practical tools including personalised alarms for deviation from the route or heart rate, and an authentic 'Virtual coach' in your training sessions.


Create your digital e-Roadbooks

Personalised routes

With Land software you can create real e-Roadbooks (route maps with visual instructions, audio, photos, video and even informative texts at each point of interest on the route) and view them on your smartphone as you enjoy dependable navigation on all your trips.


Share your trips

Have fun with your friends

TwoNav allows you to send messages to all your contacts via real-time chat and share your location on the spot. TwoNav also ellows you to exchange tracks, routes or waypoints with your friends, or to enjoy all the information saved in your Dropbox account.



Constantly improving

TwoNav is constantly evolving to offer you the most advanced technology and an optimal user’s experience.

That’s why we offer you periodic updates for TwoNav software. These updates may include new functions, better performance as well as the removal of possible bugs...




  • English
  • Español
  • Français
  • Deutsch
  • Português
  • Italiano
  • Polski
  • Magyar
  • Nederlands
  • Русский
  • Suomi
  • Türkçe
  • Chinese
  • Hebrew
  • Català
  • Euskara
  • Galego



Each license of TwoNav can be activated in up to 3 different devices:

  • PC Windows
  • Smartphone Android
  • Smartphone iPhone/iPad (only available at Apple Store)

IMPORTANT:  In case you buy TwoNav application at Google Play you will be able to install the application only on Android's operating system devices.  In case you buy TwoNav application at Apple Store you will be able to install the application only on iOS's operating system devices.

Technical Specifications

Each software package is designed with specific functions and features of its own. These are some of the highlights of TwoNav software:


Each of our software packages is designed with specific functions and features of its own. Assess those of TwoNav software to decide whether it is the right one for you.

APP TwoNav Premium
APP TwoNav Free




(Barcelona, Spain, 1975)
I adapted quickly to the functionality of TwoNav software; it's highly practical and lets me see the data supplied by the external sensors (heart rate, cadence and so on) in every training session
With TwoNav I can be sure I won't get lost in the mountains. As well as the route, I can load maps that allow me to explore and discover new places


(Lloret de Mar, Spain, 1976)

Fishing is my passion and whenever I can I get away somewhere to cast my line. Since I've used TwoNav on my mobile, I find my favourite spots easily


(Girona, Spain, 1977)


TwoNav lets me know essential data about my route at all times: graphic displays of the height difference at every point, distance, speed and heart rate meter data


(Barcelona, Spain, 1992)


"TwoNav apps give you highly comprehensive information, with up to 60 statistics offering values which are very useful to cyclists when they’re on a route"

"In the brand new version of the TwoNav software you will find very useful functions and more tools to make each of your trips unique..."

"With TwoNav software you can make your iPad into a real outdoor GPS device. It’s very comprehensive. It includes a host of views in map form..."

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