Orientation, navigation and training

The app that will turn your smartphone into a powerful GPS device

The most agile and intuitive app for navigating and monitoring your sports activity in real time. No matter what your sport, the TwoNav Premium app adapts its settings to your favourite activity. Install the app on your device and start enjoying the TwoNav experience


Get to know the TwoNav app

  • Orientation, navigation and training

  • Real-time data monitoring

  • Fully customisable alarms

  • Free updates

Enjoy a 360° Experience


The TwoNav app is the essential application for today’s athlete (hiking, mountain biking, road cycling, trail running, driving, 4X4, water sports, etc.).

Forget about cables and download the tracks you’ll be navigating directly from the internet. Before leaving home, preview the route and set up the alarms you’ll need.


At the end of your activity, use the TwoNav app to calculate the shortest route to get back home. Once home, analyse the route recorded by the app to see where you can improve. Complement the route by adding waypoints at key spots.

Remember that you can share your latest activity with your friends with just one click.


Orient yourself perfectly by seeing your position on the map. The app will record all your movements from the time you start moving.

Plus, TwoNav will track your performance throughout the activity so you can improve your results. On the data pages you can track your progress constantly with a large variety of data.


What better way to get to know the TwoNav Premium app than to try all its features for yourself

TwoNav 3.3.10 Android app

Android 1.6 (or higher)
Can be activated on multiple devices under the same user account

Free download and trial


TwoNav 3.3.10 iPhone/iPad app

iOS 7 (or higher)
Can be activated on multiple devices under the same user account

Free download and trial


Other Key Features

Simulate the route you’re planning to take before you leave home
Share your location and the route of your activity live
Monitor more than 120 data points in real time on customisable pages
Set alarms so you don’t exceed the limits you’ve set
Create laps manually and analyse them afterward
Calculate the shortest route to go back to the start point in any situation

Share your achievements and get your friends involved

Once the activity is done, don’t wait until you’re home. Connect to a Wi-Fi network and share it right away with other enthusiasts. Forget about cables and computers. With the TwoNav app you can upload your latest activity to Dropbox, or even e-mail it.

Dropbox gives you a personal area where you can store your tracks and waypoints in a safe and reliable place. Quickly sync your new itineraries and access them at any time.

Relive the experience as often as you want!

A multidisciplinary program for any activity