Preparation and analysis of outdoor activities

The success of your outings depends on better preparation

The most advanced software on the market to edit tracks, prepare routes and display several maps at once. Analyse every detail of your itineraries and relive each stage of your activities. Discover the reliability and accuracy of Land, the perfect addition to your GPS device


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  • Display multiple maps

  • Create itineraries with waypoints

  • Advanced analysis of outings

  • Free updates

Enjoy a 360° Experience


Land software is essential for any outdoor sports enthusiast. Discover freedom with software for adventurers like you.

With Land you’ll be able to prepare your outings from the comfort of home no matter what your sport is (hiking, road cycling, mountain biking, cyclotourism, 4x4, kayaking, trail running, geocaching, etc.).


Back home, Land will automatically load the tracks and waypoints you recorded with the GPS. In one minute you’ll be ready to relive your adventures.

Analyse your outings in detail with a multitude of data fields, graphs, logbooks, 3D simulations and more.


When you’re done preparing your tracks, routes and waypoints, you can easily transfer them to the GPS with just one click.

You can also transfer the map you used to prepare the outing. Land guarantees fast and direct communications with the TwoNav GPS, and even with devices from other brands.


What better way to get to know Land Premium than to try all its features for yourself

Land 8.5 Windows

Windows 7 / 8 / 10 (or higher)
Can be activated on up to 3 different devices

Free download and trial


Land 8.5.1 Mac

Capitan OS 10.11 (or higher)
Can be activated on up to 3 different devices

Free download and trial


Other Key Features

Work with multiple datums and coordinate systems
Download free maps from international sources (Google Maps, OpenStreeMap...)
Quickly measure the distance between two points on the map
Overlay or merge maps from the same geographic area
Convert map files into the most common formats
Calibrate your old paper maps to digital formats

Your adventures are available round the clock in the GO Cloud.

The GO Cloud is a personal space where you can store your record of activities in a safe place that’s accessible from anywhere on Earth. Quickly sync new itineraries on all your devices: Land, GPS and GO Cloud.

When you’re back home after an outing, upload the tracks and waypoints recorded on the GPS by clicking on the GO Cloud. In under a minute you’ll be ready to start editing and analysing your tracks.

Maximum reliability within your reach!


Software designed for outdoor enthusiasts