Austria Topo Full Reference ID: 1493

Source: BEV Österreich

Scale: 1:50.000

Format: Topographic

Size: 3154.77 Mb

Resolution: 5.0 m/px

Version : 2024



Bundesamt für Eich- und Vermessungswesen (BEV), established in Austria in 1923, has a rich history dating back to institutions like the Topographische Anstalt of 1806 and the Militärgeographisches Institut of 1839. Since its formal establishment in 1923, BEV has played a crucial role in map production and topographical surveys in Austria. Its legacy includes the creation and maintenance of essential maps, such as the Österreichische Karte 1:50.000 (ÖK 50), which has become a vital tool for territorial planning and resource management. Over the years, BEV has evolved to embrace modern technology, offering services like the Austrian Positioning Service (Austrian Positioning Service - APOS) and making significant contributions to the fields of metrology and cartography in Austria.

Austria Topo Full is a map distinguished for its level of accuracy and detail. This topographic map includes precise information such as elevation contour lines, pathways (from highways to footpaths), points of interest, towns, cities, parks... all in all presented in 1:50.000 with a resolution of 5.0 m/px. Remember that for a most realistic representation, you can display this map using a stunning 3D view.