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Planning and analysis of air sports

The reliability you’re looking for in your aerial activities.

The software you’re looking for if you want to fly safely and improve with each aerial competition. Plan and analyse your aerial activity with a wide variety of tools and data.
With Air, challenge your limits and go higher


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  • Plan aerial activities

  • 3D simulated views

  • Advanced flight analysis

  • Free updates

Enjoy a 360° Experience


The Air software is essential for any aerial sports enthusiast. Fly further with a program designed for you.

With Air you’ll be able to plan your flights from the comfort of your own home, no matter what you fly (paraglider, delta wing, ultralight, small airplane, balloon).


Once transferred to a computer, you’ll be able to analyse your flights with 3D views, locate thermals and transitions, compare data fields, see altitude graphs and more.

Air lets you share your best flights with friends all over the world.


Back home, Air will automatically load the flights you recorded with the GPS.

In one minute you’ll be ready to analyse your adventures. Air guarantees fast and direct communications with the TwoNav GPS, and even with devices from other brands.


What better way to get to know Air Premium than to try all its features for yourself

Air 8.9.6 Windows

Windows 7 / 8 / 10 (or higher)
Can be activated on up to 3 different devices

Free download and trial


Air 8.9.4 Mac

Capitan OS 10.11 (or higher)
Can be activated on up to 3 different devices

Free download and trial


This software uses libraries from the FFmpeg project under the LGPLv2.1.

Other Key Features

Automatically generate a report with the most detailed information on your flight.
Display your flying activities by date on flight logbooks
Georeference photos and videos from the exact point where they were taken
Import altitudes from another flight, lower the number of track points...
Download free maps from international sources (Google Maps, OpenStreeMap...)
Calibrate your old paper maps to digital formats

Your flight history is available in the Go Cloud

After completing your flight, click on the GO Cloud icon to sync the flights that the GPS recorded since your last outing. In under 1 minute, your flights will be available in Air so you can analyse them down to the last detail.

Plus, the GO Cloud will automatically and safely store all your flights, along with a record of all your other activities, which you can access when you need it from anywhere in the world.

Take your adventures to another level!

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