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The Tappeiner publishing house, founded by Jakob Tappeiner in 1961, has a remarkable history in photography and publishing. After training in Vienna, Tappeiner established "Tappeiner Werbefoto," initially focusing on advertising and landscape photography. In the '70s, the publishing house released its first illustrated volumes and excursion guides. From the '80s onwards, Jakob Tappeiner gained fame beyond provincial borders for his aerial photographs. His illustrated volume "From the Dolomites to Ortles" attracted significant interest, leading to prestigious commissions, including one from Enzo Ferrari. Tappeiner's publishing house was the first to develop aerial maps for excursions. Beyond provincial boundaries, the Tappeiner publishing house gained acclaim with its illustrated volumes and books on Reinhold Messner. More recently, it has expanded its reputation with outdoor and leisure guides.

Tappeiner maps, but especially Tappeiner individual maps, are maps distinguished for their level of accuracy and detail. These topographic maps include precise information such as elevation contour lines, pathways (from highways to footpaths), points of interest, towns, cities, parks... all in all presented in 1:55.000 with a resolution of 5.9 m/px. Remember that for a most realistic representation, you can display these maps using a stunning 3D view.