SUA Kodes Reference ID: 1178

Source: SUA

Scale: 1:25.000

Format: Topographic

Size: 35.4 Mb

Resolution: 2.1 m/px

Version: 0


SUA, one of the publishing houses under Elkar Argitaletxeak S.L., was established in 1988 with a commitment to values such as mountains, culture, and nature, emphasizing curiosity and a thirst for knowledge. From its editorial office, numerous photographs, articles, maps, proposals, and ideas have emanated. The publishing house has diversified its offerings, encompassing travel and nature books, as well as specialized magazines in mountain and travel themes (such as The World of the Pyrenees, Euskal Herria, Nora), in addition to cartography.

With a catalog boasting over 700 titles, SUA has collaborated with numerous professionals and forged connections with thousands of bookstores and industry experts, significantly contributing to the dissemination of its offerings. This extensive editorial sphere reflects a wide range of themes, from exploring nature to disseminating local culture. The connection with mountains and a passion for travel has been pivotal to SUA's identity since its inception.

SUA individual maps maps, but especially SUA Kodes, are maps distinguished for their level of accuracy and detail. These topographic maps include precise information such as elevation contour lines, pathways (from highways to footpaths), points of interest, towns, cities, parks... all in all presented in 1:25.000 with a resolution of 2.1 m/px. Remember that for a most realistic representation, you can display these maps using a stunning 3D view.