South Africa Topo Provinces Eastern Cape Reference ID: 2063

Area: South Africa (Lesotho not included)

Source: Government of South Africa

Scale: 1:50.000

Format: Topographic

Size: 2040.94 Mb

Resolution: 6.5 m/px

Version: v1



NGI (National Geo-spatial Information): A key component of the Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development in South Africa for over a century. NGI is the nation's mapping authority, providing a variety of maps, including 1:10,000 orthophotos and 1:50,000 topographic maps. The organization also manages historical digital aerial imagery dating back to 1926. NGI is instrumental in maintaining the national geodetic and control survey infrastructure, contributing to the South African Spatial Data Infrastructure, and offering professional advisory services. With a modernized approach, NGI operates a network of GNSS base stations to ensure accurate and up-to-date geospatial information for sustainable development.

South Africa Topo Provinces Eastern Cape is a map distinguished for its level of accuracy and detail. This topographic map includes precise information such as elevation contour lines, pathways (from highways to footpaths), points of interest, towns, cities, parks... all in all presented in 1:50.000 with a resolution of 6.5 m/px. Remember that for a most realistic representation, you can display this map using a stunning 3D view.