OSM World Reference ID: 1616

Source: OpenStreetMap

Scale: -

Format: Roads & Streets

Size: 33121.99 Mb

Resolution: -

Version: 15Q2


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OpenStreetMap Foundation is an initiative with the primary aim of creating and distributing open source geographical data, including street maps and road maps for the whole world. Today OpenStreetMap is a major partner covering unmapped areas of the planet, offering maps of anywhere in the world at highly competitive prices or as an alternative to classic road maps. Its maps also include topographical details which are very useful to users.

Cheap alternative to high-quality urban maps and certified products like TomTom's. OpenStreetMap are generated by OpenStreetMap community and include thousands roads, paths, POIs, etc. OpenStreetMap's vectorial cartography is known for its precision and the multiple features of the maps.

Authenticity and accuracy of information from OpenStreetMap source is not guaranteed by TwoNav since these maps are directly taken as generated by users. Source of these maps is free, but TwoNav offers them to you in a reduced price in order to compensate the costs of generation, optimization as well as maintenance.

Important: As of 14Q1 version, OSM maps are routable but do not allow address search.

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