Germany Topo Full Reference ID: 891

Source: BKG Deutschland

Scale: 1:25.000

Format: Topographic

Size: 8902.93 Mb

Resolution: 2.5 m/px

Version: 2021



The Bundesamt für Kartographie und Geodäsie (BKG) produces high quality geodesic and cartographic products for the territory of the federal republic of Germany. In performing this role BKG has become a technology centre working for the federal government, with which it works in different fields, advising government institutions in the fields of geodesics and geoinformation, as well as representing its interests at international level. Today it is a benchmark in mapmaking and our cartographic supplier of maps for Germany.

Germany Topo Full is a map distinguished for its level of accuracy and detail. This topographic map includes precise information such as elevation contour lines, pathways (from highways to footpaths), points of interest, towns, cities, parks... all in all presented in 1:25.000 with a resolution of 2.5 m/px. Remember that for a most realistic representation, you can display this map using a stunning 3D view.