France IGN Aeronautical OACI Reference ID: 3293

Area: Metropolitan France (overseas territories are not included) + Monaco + Wallonia + Luxembourg + Andorra

Source: IGN France

Scale: 1:500.000

Format: Aeronautical

Size: 252.28 Mb

Resolution: 50.0 m/px

Version: 2023


Set up in 1940 to replace the service géographique de l'armée, to stop aircraft, maps and mapmaking equipment falling into enemy hands, the Institut national de l'information géographique et forestière (IGN) today is the main public body responsible for geographical information on French territory and one of Europe’s leading geographical institutes. It is currently a national benchmark in mapping and an important cartographic supplier for our collection of maps of France.

Specific map for avionic world. Hybrid between vectorial and topographic map. Includes a great amount of information suitable for air sport activities.

France IGN Aeronautical OACI
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