Mountain Biking

Enjoy the most extreme side of cycling

Designed to cover all types of mountain biking (enduro, downhill, cross-country...). Resists the most extreme dust, water and mud conditions. Includes topographic maps, mounts and an ANT+™/BLE heart rate monitor so you can push the limits without risks.


Meet Velo Mountain

  • Light-weight and compact

  • Topographic map included

  • ANT+™/BLE heart rate monitor

  • Handlebar mount

Physical characteristics
Dimensions 60 x 105 x 16* mm
*20 mm with QuickLock
Weight 110 gr
Buttons 2 front + 2 side
Water/dust/mud resistant IP67
Resistant to extreme temperatures -10 °C ~ 50 °C
Type Transflective
Dimensions 3''
Resolution 240 x 400 pixels
GPS chip SE 880
Internal memory 16 GB (free: 12 GB)
Memory-card slot
Includes free memory card
Power supply
Light sensor
Battery capacity 1650 mAh
Normal battery life 10 hr
Rechargeable battery
Removable battery
Optional AA batteries
Comm port MicroUSB
Full connect
Audio Buzzer
Digital compass
Customisable sports profiles
Map overlay
3D map display
Create unlimited waypoints, routes and tracks
Download maps and routes from online providers
Advanced route editing
Calculate on-road navigation
Estimated time of arrival at destination
Workouts by time, distance, heart rate and pace
TrackAttack workouts
Estimate of calories burned
Adjustable alarms
Automatic and manual laps
Real-time altitude graphic
Over 120 real-time data fields
Customisable data pages
Customisable device buttons
Live broadcast with SeeMe™
Emergency alerts with SeeMe™
Compatible with geocaching
Compatible with e-Roadbooks
Auto-sync with the GO Cloud

Discover what Velo Mountain has to offer

Robust and Accurate GPS

Practise the most extreme mountain biking with Velo Mountain. A GPS designed to withstand tough knocks and splashing mud, water and dust without sacrificing any accuracy, which will help your activity stay on track without going off course. Accuracy and resistance for hard-riding enthusiasts.

SeeMe™ Service

Give your family peace of mind with our exclusive SeeMe™ service service. With a SIM card, your Velo Mountain will be able to transmit your location in real time wherever you are. So you’re even freer to enjoy your favourite sport.

Sealed battery

Experience the most extreme sensations without worrying about your GPS battery. With its 10+ hours of battery life and a perfectly sealed structure, Velo Mountain is water resistant and shock proof.

ANT+™/BLE sensors

Set new records as you capture a wide range of stats with the heart rate monitor that’s included in Velo Mountain. If you have ANT+™/BLE cadence or speed sensors, hook them up to get data from them as well.

Free updates

With our periodic updates of the GPS software and new features, it’s like getting a new GPS. Connect it to your Wi-Fi network and update it over the air.

Other Key Features

Download free routes from the internet (UtagawaVTT, GPSies, OpenRunner, TraceGPS,
Rate your rides by difficulty level (easy, moderate, hard)
Briefly create a waypoint for any location you want to mark
Pause your activity or change goals at any time
If you’re in an accident while riding hard, send a SeeMe™ help message to the contact you’ve specified
Analyse even more stats for your outing in the track properties

Your best rides on GO and Strava™.

When you get home, upload your ride to the GO Cloud. You’ll have over 1 GB of space in a secure and reliable location to store a record of your activities. Once you upload your latest activity to the Cloud, you’ll be able to analyse it and your other activities from the GO portal.

GO shows you a map with your route so you can analyse the most relevant stats from your rides. From GO you can also share your latest activity on Strava™ and share it with other mountain bike enthusiasts.

More than a GPS

Included in the purchase