Mountain Biking - Cyclotourism

Combines several outdoor activities in one device

Designed for athletes who enjoy mountains for both extreme sports and relaxing. Its large, 3.7-inch display makes it easy and convenient to check the route that lies ahead of you.


Meet Trail Bike

  • High-resolution screen

  • Topographic map included

  • Compatible sensors

  • Stem mount

Physical characteristics
Dimensions 80 x 130 x 20* mm
*24 mm with QuickLock
Weight 215 gr
Buttons 4 front + 2 side
Water/dust/mud resistant IP67
Resistant to extreme temperatures -10 ºC ~ 50 ºC
Type Blanview / Resistive
Dimensions 3.7''
Resolution 480 x 640 pixels
GPS chip SE 880
Internal memory 16 GB (free: 12 GB)
Memory-card slot
Power supply
Light sensor
Battery capacity 4000 mAh
Normal battery life 20 hr
Rechargeable battery
Removable battery
Optional AA batteries
Comm port MicroUSB
Full connect
Audio Speaker
Digital compass
Customisable sports profiles
Map overlay
3D map display
Create unlimited waypoints, routes and tracks
Download maps and routes from online providers
Advanced route editing
Calculate on-road navigation
Estimated time of arrival at destination
Workouts by time, distance, heart rate and pace
TrackAttack workouts
Estimate of calories burned
Adjustable alarms
Automatic and manual laps
Real-time altitude graphic
Over 120 real-time data fields
Customisable data pages
Customisable device buttons
Live broadcast with SeeMe™
Emergency alerts with SeeMe™
Compatible with geocaching
Compatible with e-Roadbooks
Auto-sync with the GO Cloud

Discover what Trail Bike has to offer

Multi-purpose GPS

Enjoy the essence of the mountain with a versatile GPS. Select the cycling variety and Trail Bike will tailor its parameters to the discipline you’ve selected (enduro, downhill, cross country, cyclotourism...). Forget about setting up the GPS. Trail Bike will display the most important stats for your favourite sport. Break new boundaries and get hooked on other types of cycling that you didn’t know about until now.

6 Buttons + 1 Joystick

Interface with the GPS directly with its 4 front buttons and 2 side buttons. The buttons will let you zoom in on the map, recentre your position, safely lock the device or browse the menus using the central joystick.

Rechargeable battery

Use Trail Bike for long rides. Its 20-hour battery life will give you all the freedom you need without having to worry about how much battery is left. Go out in the mountains and quickly lock on to a satellite signal.

Built-in mount tabs

Get on your bike and safely attach Trail Bike to the handlebar thanks to its rear tabs and to the stem mount included with the GPS. Discover new ways to ride in the mountain without compromising the stability of your GPS.

Free updates

With our periodic updates of the GPS software and new features, it’s like getting a new GPS. Connect it to your Wi-Fi network and update it over the air.

Other Key Features

Load multiple route and waypoint formats (*.BTRK, *.GPX, *.KML, *.KMZ, *.PLT, *.RTE, *.TRK, *.WPT)
Download cyclotourism routes from the internet (UtagawaVTT, GPSies, OpenRunner, TraceGPS,
Draw arrows on the track to quickly identify the direction of travel
Adjust the screen brightness to ensure ideal visibility even in direct sunlight
Easily calculate the route back to the start point of the activity
Supplement Trail Bike with maps of other areas that you can find in our catalogue

Plan your routes with Land Standard and the GO Cloud

Free with Trail Bike is the Land Standard (Windows/Mac) planning and analysis software. Draw the track for your next outing right on the map and supplement it with waypoints, comments and photographs for the places you’re going to visit.

Once planned, upload your tracks to the GO Cloud, where they’ll be accessible from anywhere in the world. Every day, before you head out on your adventure, sync Trail Bike with the GO Cloud and download that day’s route.

More than a GPS

Included in the purchase