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  Download the TwoNav Free App

Download the TwoNav Free App
Download the TwoNav Premium App

Download the TwoNav Premium App
Open online maps
Cache internet map
Buy MapShop maps
Open custom maps
Auto-Open the best map
Work with multiple maps at the same time
Advanced map exploration (multitouch)
Map orientation North Up / Track Up
Measure distance, altitud and bearing over the map
3D view
Creation of tracks
Multiple track compatibility
Download tracks from online providers
Work with multiple tracks at the same time
Roadbook navigation
Customisable track record
Track edition (colour, thickness, type of line...)
Add associate files to tracks (image, audio, video, text...)
Create and analyse laps
Track analysis by color variables
Advanced track properties
Creation of waypoints
Multiple waypoint files compatibility
Work with multiple waypoint files at the same time
Geocaching files compatibility
Search by points of interest (POI)
Search by address
Search by coordinates
Edition of waypoints
Add associate files to waypoints (image, audio, video, text...)
Waypoint proximity alarm
Create multiple activity profiles
Navigation of tracks
Navigation of Roadbook
Navigation of waypoints
Route calculation
Data fields
Customisation of data fields
Data fields alarms
Track deviation alarm
Trackback function
Training by time
Training by distance
Training by TrackAttack™
Sensor data recorded Only Android Only Android
Sensor data fields Only Android
Activity data fields
HR zone data fields
GO Cloud™
Third party services (Strava™, TrainingPeaks™, Komoot™, Google Drive™, DropBox™...)
ANT+™/BLE sensors Only Android Only Android
Smartphone notifications
Smartphone file transfer

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