QuickLock carabiner mount Reference ID: 3151

Accessory designed to be attached to a belt or buckle, it will provide you with quick and comfortable access to the GPS at any time during your outdoor activities.

  • It has a carabiner strap attached to a QuickLock plate so you can hold your GPS.
  • Allows you to anchor the GPS to the belt or any buckle on your backpack and have your GPS well secured.
  • Carabiner dimension: 40x80 mm
  • TwoNav exclusive design.

Compatibility: Cross, Cross Plus, Horizon Bike, Roc, Terra, Trail 2 Bike, Trail 2 Plus, Trail Bike, Velo, Velo Mountain, Velo Road


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Excellente opinion

Michel Grasselli posted on 3/30/2023
Verified Purchase

Très pratique
Cómodo y robusto

Verified Purchase

Es cómodo y robusto. Buenos materiales y fácil uso.
Efficace et sécurisant

Jean-Louis KOPACKI posted on 11/1/2022
Verified Purchase

Par contre il a fallu un peu forcer pour le bloquer la première fois afin de retirer des excédents de plastique au niveau des rainures d accrochage
Facile à mettre en œuvre

pascal pape posted on 8/11/2022
Verified Purchase

Accroche sécurisée. Très satisfait de cet accessoire.
Very useful and easy

Lucas Carpenter posted on 6/1/2022
Verified Purchase

As I am not looking at my Cross all the time, it is perfect for hanging it from the strap of the backpack