Preparation and analysis of outdoor activities

Plan your routes like a true mountain guide

Land is the most reliable tool to plan your own routes precisely on high quality maps. It allows you to create, edit tracks and analyze the most important data of your itineraries, such as times, distances and gradients by section, offering you the possibility to evaluate alternatives and visualize the safest option

New version Land 10: New interface and data tree, new included maps, weather forecast... and much more!

  • Land: The software for nature lovers

    Land is an agile and powerful tool to create and analyze your routes on the best maps. Prepare your outdoor activities and upload them to your GPS device or smartphone, all the information you need at your disposal.

Preparation of routes and tracks with CompeGPS Land

Create the best routes

Load routes, join multiple routes, or create them from scratch. Follow the paths on the map, or draw your own offroad route. Enrich your tracks with all the information you will need during the activity.

Work with various formats of routes and tracks with CompeGPS Land

Open routes from any source

Use files from any source, Land is compatible with multiple formats (*.GPX, *.FIT, *.KML...). You can download routes for the area you want to visit from important providers like Komoot, Wikiloc, OpenRunner, UtagawaVTT, IGN Rando and even... from other TwoNav users!

Create routes with CompeGPS Land

Modify and adapt your routes

Create routes in the most agile way, whether point to point or freehand drawing. You can also use existing routes to modify their paths according to your needs: cut the sections of the route that don't interest you, join parts of other routes, or extend them as far as you want

Weather forecast with CompeGPS Land


Weather forecast

Get informed about the weather forecast while planning your route. Check the weather forecast for a specific location several days in advance or, if you prefer, consult specialized weather maps with information on precipitation, cloud cover, wind...

Roadbooks: Enrich your tracks with CompeGPS Land


Enrich your routes with extra information on the most relevant points, whether they are maneuvers or points of interest. Add reminders and important information on your route, in the form of an icon, sketch, text, image or sound

Create bifurcations and alternative variants in your routes with CompeGPS Land


Prepare different alternatives to adapt your itinerary to any unforeseen event: fatigue, road conditions, weather... Add shortcuts to your routes or optional visits to points of interest on the same track

Mark waypoints in your activities with CompeGPS Land


Mark your points of interest on the map and organize them into collections to find them easily. You can import waypoints or create them yourself, either on the map or by entering coordinates. Attach text, image or sound to have all the information you need

Download maps from around the world in CompeGPS Land

Work on the best maps

Topographic maps, satellite images, 3D relief... use all kinds of maps from the best publishers from around the world, or... create your own!

Download free maps from around the world with CompeGPS Land

High-quality maps from around the world

If you don't have maps, Land provides them to you for free. In addition, TwoNav has agreements with major publishers so you can also access the best paid cartography: from official institutions in the UK (Ordnance Survey), France (IGN), Germany (BKG) or Spain (IGN) to publishers specializing in hiking areas (OSM, Alpina, Fraternali...)

Open maps of multiple formats with CompeGPS Land

Compatibility with a multitude of formats

If you have your own map sources, you can also use them if they are in any of the compatible formats (*.ECW, *.SID, *.SHP, *.IMP...). Topographic maps, satellite images, reliefs, online maps... Land allows you to work with any type of map

OpenStreetMap world map gift with CompeGPS Land


OpenStreetMap world coverage map included

Here you will find the most important urban roads and mountain paths of each country. Use it to create your routes in just a few clicks, simply mark the starting and ending points. The FastTrack feature will generate your route and add waypoints at the most important maneuvers of the itinerary

Work with multiple maps at the same time with CompeGPS Land

Combine them as you want

Open different maps at the same time and get the best out of each one. You can show or hide them, rearrange their layers, add transparency or view them in 3D. Everything in an agile and comfortable way so that you have the best information at all times

Creation of maps with CompeGPS Land

Create your own maps

In addition to opening any type of map, Land allows you to create them in different ways. You can create a vector map from scratch, capture an area from an online map, digitize a paper map, or cut and stitch maps

Professional edition of maps with CompeGPS Land

Professional editing tools

Edit vector maps with advanced tools to control every last detail. Modify the layout of objects, organize them by layers, copy and paste layers and objects from other maps, modify color, thickness, transparency, zoom levels... and much more

Analyze tracks and routes in CompeGPS Land

Control down to the last detail

Analyze information from all imaginable perspectives, in numbers, graphs or colors. Measure your activities in detail to get the most out of them.

Data analysis in CompeGPS Land

Measure everything

Distances, altitudes, times, directions... Land has innumerable data calculated on tracks, waypoints or maps. Measure your routes and activities with maximum precision, either globally, by sections or point to point

Analysis of routes with graphics in CompeGPS Land

Graphic analysis

Land has a powerful graphics system that allows you to have a clear view of parameters such as altitude, speed or heart rate. You can also compare several tracks at the same time, or combine several parameters in a single graph

Intensity analysis in CompeGPS Land

Color gradient

The coloring of the tracks according to various parameters will give you another dimension of analysis on the map, so you can quickly locate key points such as heart rate or slope spikes

Analysis of sections and subtracks in CompeGPS Land

Laps and Subtracks

A route is not a monotonous path. With Land you will be able to analyze specific sections of the tracks, and mark the sections that you want to distinguish permanently. You can also divide them automatically by time or distance

Distance meter in CompeGPS Land

Distance measurement

Quickly measure any distance on the map, both in a straight line and by adding various points and editing them. Move the mouse and Land will indicate the distance in real time

Calendar of activities in CompeGPS Land


Your activities and other created files will be displayed in a practical calendar view, access it to recover any of your outdoor activities. Check statistics and data for certain periods of time

TwoNav CompeGPS Land


What better way to get to know Land than to try all its features yourself

Download CompeGPS Land for Windows

Land 10.0.1 Windows

Windows 7 / 8 / 10 (or higher)

Download and try it for free

Download CompeGPS Land for Mac

Land 9.2.4 Mac

High Sierra 10.13 (or higher)

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Land 10 coming soon

This software uses libraries from the FFmpeg project under LGPLv2.1.


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This is what you need to get started in the outdoor world
  • Land basic features:
    • Open maps / tracks
    • Analysis elements (graphs, properties)
  • Maps included:
    • Different types of maps (online)
  • Unlimited updates
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Professional mapping tools (GIS)
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  • TwoNav navigation app with advanced functions
  • Maps included:
    • Routable OSM maps (offline)
    • Maps Plus (online)
  • Meteorology:
    • Forecast by location
    • Weather maps (rain, cloudiness, wind)
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License Land 10

$116.54 / Single payment
Unlock Land with no time limit
  • Land basic features
  • Land advanced features
  • Land professional functions
  • Maps included:
    • Different types of maps (online)
    • Routable OSM maps (offline)
  • Land 10.X updates included
  • Activation up to 3 devices
  • GO Cloud 1 GB
    (Maps Plus not included)

  • Meteorology (for 1 year):
    • Forecast by location
    • Weather maps (rain, cloudiness, wind)

Single payment subject only to Land 10 version

App Nav 5

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Advanced App TwoNav features
GO Cloud 250MB

Know the opinion of the specialized press

  • Solo Bici

    For all kinds of sportmen

    Land is the perfect software for all those cycling or mountaineering fans who want to explore new routes with maximum precision and safety, whether it be hiking, mountaineering, mountain biking, gravel, road or even bikepacking

    Solo Bici

  • i-Trekkings

    Lots of maps

    The strongest point of Land is the multitude of maps that the software provides you with. The cartography is extremely complete, you can find almost all the maps of the world. The accuracy of the maps is excellent, therefore creating precise routes is very easy. Also, overlapping them is very practical if you are preparing a route that spans several countries. You can use the maps on all TwoNav ecosystem devices: Land, GPS and the App


  • Pocket Navigation

    Very useful to create variants in your routes

    It is very practical that a route can contain different variants, so that you can have several alternatives for the same route. For example, a longer and a shorter route variant, or a variant with optional stops at certain places of interest. In addition, the routes calendar has a view in which routes, waypoints and activities can be displayed according to their creation date

    Pocket Navigation

  • El Blog de Alakan

    Itineraries with the maximum detail

    Land is agility, control and route analysis. Adventures are often done twice: when you plan it and when you enjoy it on the ground. Land allows us to enjoy the experience of preparing the route comfortably from home with the feeling of knowing the terrain

    El Blog de Alakan

Reviews (90 Reviews)

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Fácil uso y buenos mapas

Ramón Villa Alegre posted on 9/29/2023

Es un software fácil de utilizar y con las opciones suficientes para planificar y analizar las rutas. Los mapas son buenos y ayudan mucho. El análisis de los caminos o pistas se realiza de manera fácil y suficientemente precisa para planificar las rutas que hacemos (MTB).
Très bonne application

Jean Pierre Caulet posted on 8/6/2023

bonjour, beaucoup de progrès sur la version 9, juste une amélioration à apporter, la possibilité d'effacement de plusieurs points en édition, peut-être dans une fenêtre.
toujours aussi bien!!!

Laurent LOUIS posted on 7/29/2023
Verified Purchase

J'ai commencé l'aventure il y a quelques années avec twonav sur land 7 et le sportiva +. Je reprends mes aventures outdoors alors j'utilise depuis peu land 9 et j'en suis toujours aussi content!!! J'apprends doucement à maîtriser toutes les nouvelles fonctions. J'attends avec impatience de recevoir mon nouveau gps cross + pour équiper mon vtt et m'éclater sur les chemins de ma région.
Produit parfait

Hélène PERRET posted on 6/11/2023
Verified Purchase

grande évolution par rapport à mes 2 précédents GPS ,Sportiva et Anima
crear y editar

jesus huidobro posted on 4/17/2023
Verified Purchase

llevo usando twonav años y es perfecto tanto para crear tracks como para editarlos