A new experience at your fingertips
Still don't know what's new in Land 9? Download it now and you will discover a new dimension for your routes. If you already have Land, update it and enjoy important improvements.
Tracks with variants
Calendar of activities
Accumulated data
in virtual folders
Maps Plus
High quality map server
distance meter
Vector map
editing improvements
Aesthetic improvements
and reorganization of menus
Create Your Routes
Plot and draw your own routes with the most advanced software on the market to edit tracks, prepare routes and display several maps at once.
Edit your Route freely
Add Points
Add Points
Add intermediate Point
Draw freely
Draw freely
Draw freely
Automatic Route calculation
Automatic Route calculation
Split and join several Tracks
Split and join several Tracks
Add maneuvers and
points of interest
Analyse every detail
Analyse every detail of your itineraries with a multitude of graphs, data and tools. Have everything under control and improve your performance.
Altitude chart
Heart rate chart
Detailed analysis of points
Track data
Colour according to variables
Analyse by sections