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TwoNav in the media

The TwoNav story has had a major impact in the media halfway around the world. Thus, our products have been highlighted in international sports magazines and articles have been published about them in the daily press. This illustrates TwoNav's profile in the Spanish and international media.


June 2016

"Land 8: mountains, “your way” Customize and edit your maps, routes and tracks in detail ... you can store data and sort it by date or session, to check it whenever you want. Wonderful!"


June 2016

"Land 8: Total control ... the new version of the famous TwoNav software to prepare, transfer and analyze outdoor activities. More intuitive and modern, you can edit tracks, routes and waypoints, without any limits."


August 2015

"Anima+, a 3” touchscreen GPS(…)the smaller 2” touchscreen Ultra, which offers the same excellent mapping in a unit (…)The biggest standout features so far have been great detailed topo mapping"


February 2013

"Ultra designed by CompeGPS is one of the most versatile tool you can find right now(..) The Ultra is compact and gets all the qualities of others twonav products: great maps & localisation and easy-to-use gameplay"


October 2011

"Plenty of features for the outdoor navigation enthusiast, and good on-road guidance with the optional maps, but the screen isn't the best and the interface needs polish"


February 2010

"Mounted on your bike, on your wrist or in any pocket, TwoNav Ultra can accompany you on all your outings. Give free rein to your curiosity and explore nature with no worries"