GPS Trail2Plus

Hiking - Mountain Biking - Cycletourism - Motor sports

3.7" 20 h 220 gr

Trail 2 Plus Enjoy all terrains with a single GPS

For experienced users who need a versatile device, for all terrains and conditions. Robust and long-lasting GPS, with 3.7'' touch screen, physical buttons and access to professional cartography.

What's new: 4 geolocation networks (GPS + Galileo + Glonass + Beidou), Wi-Fi 5G, Dual Bluetooth, TomTom™ road map


  • Combine all your activities on the same device

    Hiking, MTB, gravel, quad, motorcycle... are you an all-rounder who explores it all? Trail 2 Plus is versatile like you. Enjoy the essence of the mountain with a versatile GPS, select your sport and Trail 2 Plus will adapt its configuration to your favorite activity. So easy!

  • Combine all your activities on the same device

    Hiking, MTB, gravel, quad, motorcycle... are you an all-rounder who explores it all? Trail 2 Plus is versatile like you. Enjoy the essence of the mountain with a versatile GPS, select your sport and Trail 2 Plus will adapt its configuration to your favorite activity. So easy!

Trail 2 Plus features

Enjoy a complete and safe experience from start to end. Enjoy your favorite activity safely

Open multiple maps with GPS TwoNav Trail 2 Plus

Work with quality maps

Know the relief of the terrain you are about to face from the GPS. With TwoNav you can load maps from the main cartographic publishers and move around them. Get more detail on paths and shortcuts

Navigation and orientation tools with GPS TwoNav Trail 2 Plus

Orientation and navigation

Choose the type of navigation that best suits the type of activity you are going to do: free navigation, follow a track, go to specific coordinates, compass navigation... or simply let yourself be guided by following the indications of a roadbook

Creation of waypoints with GPS TwoNav Trail 2 Plus

Create waypoints on your route

Add information to your route by creating your own waypoints on the GPS screen. Click on the exact place where you want to create a point and add a name, icon and description (refuge, lake, fountain...)

Activation of alarms and alerts with GPS TwoNav Trail 2 Plus

Configurable alerts

Achieve the security you are looking for on your outdoor activities, if you deviate from the planned route, the GPS will notify you so that you can redirect your activity. In addition, if you exceed speed limits, heart rate... you will also receive a warning

Data and graphs with GPS TwoNav Trail 2 Plus

Abundant and reliable data

Track more than 120 data in real time (height, distance, ascent, power, speed...). If you have a heart rate monitor or cadence monitor, connect it and you will receive more information

Route calculation with GPS TwoNav Trail 2 Plus

Estimated time of arrival

Let the GPS guide you to destination, you will always know the distance and the remaining time. When you are back, the GPS will calculate the shortest route to return home or to the starting point

PRO Subscription TwoNav GPS Trail 2 Plus
Prepare your itineraries with LAND 9. Trail 2 Plus includes 1 year of LAND 9 free subscription


Move around with the security of being connected, synchronized and secure

Access millions of routes and share your best rides

Dare to visit areas that you didn't know, the GPS will suggest routes from all over the world recommended by other users. Select the best itinerary... and navigate it! Once finished, share your activity instantly with friends on your social networks. Synchronize your latest activity anywhere in the world so that other fans get to know your achievements

Share activities with GPS Terra

Technical Specifications

Physical characteristics
Dimensions 80 x 131 x 20* mm
*24 mm con QuickLock
Weight 220 gr
Buttons 4 front + 2 side
Water/dust/mud resistant IP67
MIL-STD-810 certification
Temperature, shock, water and vibration
Resistant to extreme temperatures -20 °C ~ 50 °C
Type Blanview with Optical Bonding and automatic backlight
Dimensions 3.7’’
Resolution 480 x 640 pixels
Internal memory 32 GB (free: 28 GB)
Memory-card slot
Power supply
Light sensor
Battery capacity 4000 mAh
Normal battery life 20 h
Battery type Integrated
Optional AA batteries
Comm port MicroUSB
Full connect
Bluetooth Dual
Wi-Fi 2,4 Ghz / 5 Ghz
Audio Speaker
Digital compass
Customisable sports profiles
Map overlay
3D map display
Create unlimited waypoints, routes and tracks
Download maps and routes from online providers
Advanced route editing
Calculate on-road navigation
Estimated time of arrival at destination
Workouts by time, distance, heart rate and pace
TrackAttack workouts
Estimate of calories burned
Adjustable alarms
Automatic and manual laps
Real-time altitude graphic
Over 120 real-time data fields
Customisable data pages
Customisable device buttons
Live broadcast with SeeMe™
Emergency alerts with SeeMe™
Compatible with geocaching
Compatible with e-Roadbooks
Auto-sync with the GO cloud™
Spec sheet GPS TwoNav Trail 2 Plus

Reviews (8 Reviews)

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El modelo más completo

Denis Saiz Saborido posted on 9/23/2022
Verified Purchase

La pieza clave que faltaba en la colección. Un GPS que abarca todas las necesidades, de lo mejorcito del mercado.
GPS très puissant

Étienne Lafrenière posted on 9/6/2022
Verified Purchase

Jusqu'ici fantastique ! Il a beaucoup de fonctionnalités et je peux même télécharger des itinéraires de plusieurs pages directement depuis le GPS ! Cela m'a surpris.
Trail 2 exceeded my expectations with great distinction !

Fonteyn Guy posted on 9/4/2022
Verified Purchase

You can prepare your trip down to the last detail at home, with LAND, and then you can fully enjoy the landscape during the trip. Even the friends who join us find it very interesting to be able to follow the progress of the tour on the beautiful screen (the graphs window). It gives everyone a pleasant and safe feeling, to know what we have already stepped and what height differences or descents are still to come ! Great !
Un pequeño gigante

Juan Antonio Isla Castillo posted on 8/29/2022
Verified Purchase

Teniendo el Aventura 2 del que estoy encantado, este mejora en cuanto al sistema GNSS y al tener el conector rápido me permite llevarlo en mi bicicleta de carretera o montaña cómodamente. Un gran producto. Es el complemento ideal para el aventura 2
Molto meglio di un Garmin

Adamo Gualazzi posted on 8/12/2022
Verified Purchase

Finora avevo un Garmin, devo dire che i GPS TwoNav non hanno nulla da invidiarli. Consentono una personalizzazione molto maggiore rispetto a qualsiasi Garmin. Posso creare tutte le pagine di dati di cui ho bisogno. Inoltre, pratico diversi sport, ogni sport ha le sue impostazioni senza influenzare gli altri sport. Come se non bastasse, sono stupito dal gran numero di allarmi che ho a disposizione (deviazione, vicinanza ai waypoint, pulsazioni massime, velocità, cadenza, ritmo...).