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TwoNav offers a personalised navigation service for any tour company wishing to give their customers comprehensive support to follow routes in their region.


A full range of possibilities for the holiday sector

Knowledge of the sector

We have worked for many years with different companies in the holiday sector, implementing ground-breaking ideas in our software with the aim of offering an extra service to any user wishing to visit a place of tourist interest without needing the services of a guide or any navigation skills.


Personalised themed routes

TwoNav offers a personalised navigation service

Over time we have worked with many businesses on projects of all kinds and with widely varying tourism products. These include businesses linked to the world of food and drink (restaurants, distilleries and wineries) others with culture (museums, theatres, bookshops and art galleries) and many others in the leisure field (bars, discothèques and concert venues) as well as those focusing on nature and sports, offering walking, mountain biking and other types of route. Whatever the sphere in which the service is to be provided, TwoNav can adapt the product to each customer’s specific demands on themed routes designed to stand out from the competition.

TwoNav software now makes it possible to create e-Roadbooks to meet the needs of every business, offering its customers an extra service, in which all kinds of local information can be included. This means a real interactive route plan which can feature illustrative photographs, specific symbols, descriptive texts, video or audio files with additional explanations about each point in the route, contact telephone numbers or different postal addresses of use to the visitor.




Who has not come across a tourist lost in the middle of nowhere? For the sake of user safety and to avoid unnecessary miles, we have one of the most useful functions for tourists: an alarm to warn them if they stray too far off the planned route. If this happens the tourist has access to a window where they can see their exact coordinates and details (telephone, address, etc.) of the company to contact them if they have a problem.




Technology can be a problem for some people... This is why we have designed a basic product so that all the technological benefits of our devices can be used easily by any customer, with no need for training first. This involves fitting our TwoNav software into a very simple interface without access to the main menu, so that any user can enjoy their route by following basic instructions in their own language with automatic navigation.

We realise that not all customers are the same and some will also be demanding athletes. For this reason our GPS can also provide users of this type with additional data and functions, such as time elapsed, distance remaining to their destination, accumulated height difference and more. It should be stressed that our GPS are touch-sensitive, readable in sunlight and resistant to water and mud, as well as having a range of at least 8 hours. This makes them the perfect partner for any sporting activities: walking, mountain biking, skiing, balloon flights, geocaching and all kinds of motor sports.



Today's tourists are highly mobile, so any company in the sector will have customers from a wide range of backgrounds. We can now adapt our products to this international outlook by offering the possibility of providing the interface, menus and content of any interactive route in different languages, depending on customers' backgrounds. Content can currently be delivered in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Catalan, Basque, Arabic, Hebrew, Portuguese, Polish and Galician.



The fact that so many users have Smartphones today has determined a new way of doing things, leading us at TwoNav to adapt our products to this situation. Thus, a firm can choose between offering its customers personalised GPS or else ruling out this service and offering an excellent alternative: TwoNav has designed a personalised application for iPhone/iPad and Android platforms so that the customer can download the app with the relevant route in the language of their choice. This is another option!




More and more people are opting for cycle touring for activity holidays, and this segment of the public is opening up new business possibilities for the holiday sector. Thus, companies with strong local roots have rolled out business strategies that involve including cycle touring and creating attractive routes in their regions. TwoNav is currently working together with various specialist holiday companies in the sports sector.