Terms of use

General contract conditions

The present General Conditions of Contract (from now on General Conditions) regulate the commercial relation between COMPEGPS TEAM SL y the user or customer arising from contracting by means of the forms COMPEGPS TEAM SL avails to this purpose on WWW.TWONAV.COM. Contracting through the websites of COMPEGPS TEAM SL implies the customer or user’s full acceptance of these conditions, as well as the conditions established for the use and navigation of the websites property of COMPEGPS TEAM SL. These conditions will be applied without prejudice to the application of the legal norms applicable to each case. These General Conditions are subject to Law 7/1998 of 13 April on General Contract Conditions to General Law 26/1984 of 19 July on Defence of Consumers and Users to Royal Decree 1906/1999 of 17 December regulating Contracts for Telephone or Electronic services with general conditions; to Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December on the Protection of Personal Data, to Law 7/1996 of 15 January on the Regulation of Retail Trade and to Law 34/2002 of 11 July on Information Society and Electronic Commerce Services. COMPEGPS TEAM SL reserves the right to make the modifications it feels opportune, without previous warning, to the General Contract Conditions. These modifications can be made, through their website, in any manner admitted by law and will be obligatorily fulfilled during the time they are published in the web and until they are validly modified by subsequent contents. However, COMPEGPS TEAM SL reserves the right to apply, in certain cases, Specific Contract Conditions with preference of the present General Contract Conditions when considered opportune and announcing them in opportune time and form.


COMPEGPS TEAM SL informs that the procedure for purchasing through their websites will be detailed in the Product chapter. Also, COMPEGPS TEAM SL informs that the user can access the information on the Conditions of Use by clicking on the link Conditions of Use. By purchasing from COMPEGPS TEAM SL over their websites, the user or customer expressively declares to know, understand and accept said Conditions of Use and the General Contract Conditions. In the same way, the user declares to be of legal age and to have the full legal capacity to act and access the websites of COMPEGPS TEAM SL and to purchase by means of the same. The user accepts responsibility to treat the user name and passwords obtained through the registration as a customer confidentially and responsible, not passing the same on to others. Once the purchase is completed, the user will receive a notification by email with the order confirmation, the invoice and the instructions on how to use the product. In case of purchasing on-line products (downloads), the user will receive an e-mail with the registration code of the product license purchased. It is a personal and non-transferable code, permitting the user to activate the product and to access the technical support of COMPEGPS TEAM SL. COMPEGPS TEAM SL only endorses and accepts responsibility over the information published on their website and in their publications.



In compliance with valid regulations an, in particular, the Law 34/2002 of 11 July on the “Information Society and Electronic Commerce”, COMPEGPS TEAM SL offers information on all the products available for purchase, as well as their characteristics and prices in the Products section of the website. However, COMPEGPS TEAM SL, reserves the right to remove, replace or change the products offered to the customers through their website by simply changing the content of the same. The products offered at any given moment on the websites of COMPEGPS TEAM SL are subject to the General Conditions valid in each case. Also, the company reserves the right to cease, without previous notice and at any moment, the access to the mentioned products.


Every product offered will have a price indicated with the corresponding VAT, or any other applicable tax, included. The prices indicated on the screen will be those valid at the moment, except for typographical errors. When the price is different due to the reason mentioned before, COMPEGPS TEAM SL will communicate this error to the customer, by e-mail, prior to shipping the product.


For those products not available on-line, i.e. not downloadable products, the shipping costs vary according to the country where the product is sent, as well as the delivery time and the selected shipping method. Shipping costs are always at the customer’s expense.


The availability of the products offered by COMPEGPS TEAM SL through their websites can vary depending on the demand generated by the customers. In spite of the fact that COMPEGPS TEAM SL updates the stocks periodically, the product requested by the customer might not be available at that moment. In that case, COMPEGPS TEAM SL will send an e-mail to the customer informing him that the product ordered cannot be supplied.


During the checkout process the customer has to specify the delivery method.

  • Spain (Peninsula): approximately 1-2 working days
  • Spain (Balearic islands/Canary islands/Ceuta/Melilla): approximately 2-3 working days
National Post:
  • Spain (Peninsula): approximately 5-6 working days
  • Spain (Balearic islands/Canary islands/Ceuta/Melilla): approximately 6-8 working days
  • Andorra: approximately 6-8 working days
  • European Union: approximately 10-15 working days
  • NOT European Union: approximately 15-20 working days
DHL Express:
  • European Union: approximately 1-2 working days
  • NOT European Union: approximately 2-3 working days

In case of delay, questions about your shipment, must be asked at orders [at]

* If the customer wishes to use his/her personal carrier it must be specified.


COMPEGPS TEAM SL has several commercial agreements to collect payments on sales made at WWW.TWONAV.COM. These agreements vary depending on the payment method chosen:

  • Credit card via POS terminal: For credit card sales, COMPEGPS TEAM SL redirects payments to the virtual payment platform run by "la Caixa". Online credit card payments are carried out using the Secure Socket Layer or SSL security system which encodes data transmitted via the internet. Visa and MasterCard debit and credit cards are accepted.
  • Bank transfer: For bank transfer sales, COMPEGPS TEAM SL provides details of a current account held at "la Caixa" to pay for your purchase. COMPEGPS TEAM SL checks any payments received on a daily basis and sends the order once payment has been verified. The time a transfer may take to reach this account will depend on the bank issuing the transfer.
  • PayPal: For sales paid for via PayPal, COMPEGPS TEAM SL redirects payments to the platform run by this organisation, which are made using PayPal's secure methods. The cards accepted may vary depending on the country where the purchase is made.


COMPEGPS TEAM SL complies with the current legislation. COMPEGPS TEAM SL accepts the return of an article, as long as the return is done in the adequate way. In the following the procedure will be explained: In case the customer discovers a problem with any of our products, he shall fill out a form explaining and specifying a series of information: the device, the problem he is facing, the place of the purchase, the serial number of the device, the included accessories... Once the form is completed, the file has to be forwarded to the e-mail rma [at] Once the device arrives at the office of COMPEGPS TEAM SL, it will be checked and the customer will be informed of the actions taken. When returning the device, or sending a replacement, the package will include a report on the repair, specifying what has been done with the device of the customer.


In accordance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999 on the protection of personal data, COMPEGPS TEAM SL informs the users of their websites that the personal data obtained by the company through the forms in their websites, will be be included in an automated file under the responsibility of COMPEGPS TEAM SL, in order to facilitate, expedite and fulfil the commitments established between the two parties. Also, COMPEGPS TEAM SL informs of the possibility to exercise the right to access, cancel, change and oppose by writing to COMPEGPS TEAM SL; C/ DRAPER No 13 (POL.VALLDEGATA) 08350 ARENYS DE MAR. If you do not inform us of the contrary, we will assume that your data has not been modified, that you promise to notify us of any change and that we have the consent to use them in order to build the relationship between the parties.


The relation between the user and COMPEGPS TEAM SL is ruled by the valid regulations applicable to the territory of Arenys de Mar, the proper jurisdictional organs of the territory of Arenys de Mar having the power to decide over any dispute that might arise between the user and COMPEGPS TEAM SL.

Warranty policy

COMPEGPS TEAM SL warrants that all their products are free of material or fabrication defects over the period of two years.

The warranty begins on the day of delivery of the product purchased from COMPEGPS TEAM SL or any official distributor of COMPEGPS TEAM SL and refers to all types of material damage or production defect that could arise under the normal use of the device.

In the case of any claim it will be required to present the original proof of purchase, as well as the warranty card provided together with the product. COMPEGPS TEAM SL and their authorized distributors reserve the right to refuse a warranty repair if these documents are not presented.

In case of a defect of a product of COMPEGPS TEAM SL which is covered by this warranty, COMPEGPS TEAM SL assures the repair or replacement within the limits of proportionality.

This warranty does not cover cells, batteries and other consumables. COMPEGPS TEAM SL does not warrant the precision of map material whose intellectual property belongs to third parties.

In case of considering that the product purchase does not comply with the product description, please contact the customer service department of COMPEGPS TEAM, SL through the page HTTP://SUPPORT.TWONAV.COM. If Customer Service cannot conform the product, COMPEGPS TEAM SL will, without cost for the customer, repair or replace the product. In this case an RMA number will be supplied, as well as the instructions to proceed with the shipment.

In case it is needed for you to return the product, please ensure that it is packed in a secure way for the shipment, preferably using the original packaging. We request you to include a detailed description of the fault with the shipment of the product. COMPEGPS TEAM SL does not assume responsibility for materials shipped which do not form part of the original product shipped by COMPEGPS TEAM SL.

When proceeding to repair the product, COMPEGPS TEAM SL might be forced to delete the data stored on the device. Please ensure, before shipping the product, to have a backup of all the data of the device. We point out that the factory settings are restored whenever a repair is carried out. COMPEGPS TEAM SL is not liable for the costs deriving from any software configuration, loss of income, data or software loss, nor for any other consequent damages.

If during the repair it is discovered that the defect is not covered by the warranty, COMPEGPS TEAM SL reserves the right to invoice the customer for the expenses incurred by the repair in terms of materials used, work and other costs, after presenting a budget.

COMPEGPS TEAM SL does not warrant defects and damages caused by external factors or the user, such as accidental damages, inadequate use or modifications, refits, extensions, use of parts from other manufacturers, carelessness, viruses or software errors, inappropriate transport or packaging.

Warranty extinguishes in case that the defect of the products has been caused by maintenance or repair carried out by other parties than COMPEGPS TEAM SL or any technical service authorized by COMPEGPS TEAM SL for this product. The warranty also expires when the adhesive, safety seals or serial numbers of the product or an integral part of the same have been modified, manipulated or damaged in a way that makes them unreadable.

In case you purchase a product form the website of COMPEGPS TEAM SL which does not comply with your expectations, you have the right to return it within 7 days after delivery of the same. You have to come up for the shipping costs deriving from the return of the product.


According to Spanish legislation, in article 101 of the Royal Decree ‘1/2007’ of 16 November, the consumer/user that contracts at distance has the right to withdraw from a contract, even though the supplier can request the consumer/user to come up for the direct cost derived from the return of the good.

The withdrawal right of a contract is a faculty of the consumer/user leaving the contract without effect, by notifying the other party in the time limit established for exercising this right, without the need to justify the decision and without penalty of any class, if and when the product is in perfect conditions.

  • Time limit: The time limit to exercise the withdrawal right is 7 days counting from the day of delivery of the purchased product.
  • Products: Products which are software programs that have been unsealed by the consumer/user, as well as electronic files delivered electronically, the consumer/user does not have withdrawal rights. In case the product is based on a license (physical or on-line), the registration code cannot have been used.
  • Return: According to article 76 of the same Royal Decree, the return of the sums has to be made effective as soon as possible and, in any case, before 30 days counting from the withdrawal.

We strongly recommend you to read the specifications, and, once read, to use trial versions before purchasing any product.