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If hiking is your life and what you love are excursions to discover new places, surrounded by Nature, enjoy your favorite activity with all of TwoNav's latest features.


"Worried about getting lost? Relax with the Aventura handheld GPS unit featuring 3D and aerial displays plus built-in compass and barometric altimeter"

"Anima is the ideal device for hiking (..) it reinvents sports navigation technology while adapting to any outdoor experience"

"Ultra represents a commitment to the future (...) its size, power and color map display are features all hikers will appreciate"




Patagonia-bound: Marc Toralles and TwoNav

There is no guarantee that he will succeed, but TwoNav will do all it can to make sure that he does.

A few tips about formats and GPX

There are currently dozens of platforms dedicated just for this purpose.There are also those whose main function is to allow users to store and organize all the data on their training sessions however they like.



Easy orientation in any situation

Control your movements with the utmost safety:

      • View your location on the map at any moment (ground reference)
      • Mark and edit your own waypoints over the course of your outings
      • Create tracks and routes from the same application
      • Press to recenter your position
      • Simulate the route that you're going to cover before leaving home
      • View your maps in 2D or 3D (road maps, topographics, orthofotos…)




More than 80 data fields at your disposal

TwoNav registers all kinds of valuable data, with this information displayed in real time on the data pages:

  • Altitude
  • Distance
  • Slope
  • Accumulated climb
  • Accumulated descent
  • Current speed
  • Mean speed
  • Current pace
  • Mean pace
  • Coordinates
  • Bearing (compass)
  • Energy consumption
  • …and more than 80 data fields




Freedom to explore your surroundings

TwoNav features a sophisticated system of audio and visual alarms that you can use in different situations:

  • Deviation from route (keeping you from getting too far off the right track)
  • Approach to waypoints (on arrival to the radius of any waypoint)

In addition, TwoNav guarantees that you can find the way back at any moment:

  • Trackback: Retrace your steps, following the track back the other way
  • Return home: TwoNav will calculate the best route back home


GPS / Land / Maps

Land is the perfect software for all lovers of outdoor sports:

  • Prepare your outings from the convenience of home
  • Transfer your tracks, routes and waypoints to the GPS with just a click
  • And, once you're back home, analyze your outing in full detail



Check out the most beautiful sites by moving around on the most detailed and reliable maps. TwoNav offers you a large selection of maps from the most prestigious national cartographic institutes






The best maps for hikers at your fingertips...

So you can make the most of hiking, TwoNav offers comprehensive high-quality mapping files that let you navigate around the world in total freedom. Discover the best maps at TwoNav:

Topographic maps

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