Press releases

If you work in the media and are interested in writing an article or report about TwoNav, below you will find a list of press releases with useful information about our product range.


Press release TwoNav Aventura

TwoNav Aventura is the perfect navigator for all the outdoor’s fans and professionals. The exclusive features included in this device represent a clear evolution in the European GPS sector. TwoNav Aventura was created in order to improve the quality of outdoor sports by incorporating specific tools used by professionals


Press release TwoNav Sportiva

Light, rugged and very powerful, this device has been designed to follow you anywhere. A very rugged and waterproof GPS for all your favorite activities. IPX6 certificated, so there’s no need to worry for dust, humidity or water. Whether it’s hiking, biking, geocaching, or whatever, you will be able to carry with you this small GPS: just 124 g. with battery. 


Press release TwoNav Sportiva+

TwoNav Sportiva+ is perfect for cycling and mountain biking, this product combines all the attractive features of TwoNav Sportiva and the ANT+™ technology to transmit data wirelessly. Connect your TwoNav Sportiva+ with ANT+™ enabled heart rate monitors, bike cadence sensors, bike speed sensors, or bike speed/cadence...


Press release TwoNav Delta

TwoNav Delta offers you a variety of tools to make each of your outdoor activities unique. A big touch screen combined with an intuitive software will ensure a highly reliable and secure guidance. TwoNav Delta brings you an infinite variety of features, suitable for mountains, roads, and even for the sea!


Press release TwoNav Sportiva2

Following the success of the innovative TwoNav Sportiva, TwoNav announces the launch of an improved second edition. The current version includes important improvements which confirm it as one of the most intuitive, light (124 g) and powerful GPS devices on the market. TwoNav Sportiva2 allows you to manage your activities... 


Press release TwoNav Sportiva2+

Designed to fulfill the needs of any athlete and specially conceived for cycling. TwoNav Sportiva2+ reaffirms all the qualities of TwoNav Sportiva2 including significant improvements making TwoNav Sportiva2+ one of the most intuitive, light and powerful devices in the market. 


Press Release TwoNav Ultra

Mounted on your bike, worn on your wrist or even stowed in your pockets, TwoNav Ultra will guide you during all your activities. The touch screen is perfectly visible under sunlight, being the first wrist-worn GPS that provides a smooth orientation with color and high resolution maps.


Press Release TwoNav Anima

Precision technology, speed of use, long range and toughness in a GPS device that reinvents sports navigation –MTB, walking, road cycling and other activities– while allowing reliable driving with voice guidance. Discover and enjoy nature with TwoNav Anima.


Press Release TwoNav Anima+

After the launch of the modern and intuitive TwoNav Anima, TwoNav launches the new TwoNav Anima+ onto the market so that the most demanding athletes can enjoy any outdoor activity using ANT+™ technology.