More and more people take advantage of the weekend to go walking in the mountains or cycling with friends. Good navigation using the best technology will help you to enjoy every trip.

Using GPS

A range of products for demanding users

The wide diversity of sports activities means that different people now have different sporting needs. This is why it is useful to assess features and decide which GPS is the right one for your sports activities... and consider the main aspects of each device.

TwoNav GPS

A wide range of maps

The best mapping, within your reach

It is also worth finding out about your destination beforehand and getting the right maps to enable you to enjoy the route. There is plenty of choice in this area, with maps of all kinds (topographical, vector, orthophoto, etc.) and often widely varying quality. This is why choosing the right maps suitable for your trip will save problems.

map catalogue

Preparation software

Enjoy designing your routes with Land

Preparing your trips using quality software lets you create well-designed routes. Thus, our Land software enables you to create real, personalised e-Roadbooks where you can include additional information about each route, as well as downloading online routes with direct access to the best track servers or preparing any sports activity in advance.

Land software