Our winners, equipped with TwoNav Cross, reach gold in the Titan Desert 2022

By winning 3 modalities, Cross consolidates itself as the best GPS for orientation

What is the Titan Desert?

It is an MTB race of 6 stages and +600 km aimed at runners and cyclists who want to improve themselves and live a unique experience. It is celebrated every year in MOROCCO and runs through incredible landscapes (dunes, desert plains, mountains...). This year it will take place from May 8 to 13.

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Why is TwoNav so identified with the Titan Desert?

It is a route without signaling, where what prevails is the use of GPS. Participants must pass through all checkpoints. The adventure does not end at the end of each stage, upon arrival at the camp, the organization announces the coordinates for the next day... and the participants begin to prepare the route.

Titan Desert winners by TwoNav

"With a TwoNav GPS I have managed to win the Titan Desert"

Josep Betalú (@josepbetalu)
Winner Titan Desert 2019

"In the Titan Desert, experience plays a decisive role"

Núria Picas (@nuriapicasoficial)
Winner Titan Desert 2021

How to prepare a race without signaling?

Melcior Mauri, Titan Desert team coach, explains it to you with Land

Land, your best ally to prepare your next route

Land is a software that allows you to prepare routes in unknown terrain with maximum reliability, it is enough to know the point of departure and arrival. You yourself will create the itinerary that suits you point by point. Once traced, pass your route to the GPS and go out and enjoy it.

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Map of Morocco, do not forget your reference in the desert

Free map for the Titan Desert 2022. It includes all the topographical information of the terrain: relief, contour lines, paths...

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The key to success is good preparation

How does a cyclist prepare for an MTB race?

Preparation will allow you to meet your goals and cross the finish line. In addition, with a perfect planning of the route, you will make the most of all your effort. We are going to see the different parts that you should deepen in your workouts.

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How to prepare a race without signaling?

There are times and races where pre-planning and a good orientation tool are the basis for success. Without going any further, last year, Melcior Mauri himself explained to us how thanks to the route planning software, Land. He had managed to win one of the stages of the Titan Desert, one of the toughest orienteering races in the world.

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Equip yourself like them

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Meet the participants

Equipped with GPS Cross, Software Land and Maps of Morocco

KH 7 team

Trained by Melcior Mauri, TwoNav ambassador

Melcior Mauri knows well the hardness of a race as demanding as the Titan Desert. 13 editions endorse it as one of the best references to prepare the participating teams. His competitive spirit seeks to improve the performance of each team member to achieve the goal: WIN

Cannondale TB Team

Trained by Jordi and Albert Bellès

Young team very experienced in desert racing (Morocco On Bike and Titan Desert). Their track record is enviable: Team Titan Desert Champions 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019. This year they are preparing to be among the best, or even revalidate their victories with the same desire as the first year.

...and Konny Looser joins as an independent rider

"I really want to go back to Morocco and defend my title, I will do it with the help of Cross and Land"

Konny Looser (@konnylooser)
Ambassador TwoNav

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