Hints & Tips

In this section you can learn about and improve the way you use your GPS device with practical tips and useful advice to help you enjoy your favourite sport in a much faster, more direct way.


Bicycle touring: How to face bicycle tours?

In recent years, bicycle touring has become increasingly popular among people who want to discover the most remote corners of the planet. Nowadays, you can find a wide range of bicycle touring routes on the internet with a broad variety of difficulty levels: from easy routes without any difficulty to routes with significant slope and distance). MTB touring combines challenge, adventure and leisure. Although bicycle touring is accessible to anyone, good logistics are essential before tackling your outdoor adventures...


Bicycle touring: Create a new route, Barcelona-Madrid

Would you like to create routes for cyclism? You have the chance to create routes that nobody created before. In this example, we created a new route: Barcelona-Madrid for mountain bikes. Once the means of transport was chosen, we started planning the way to destination...


Bicycle touring: Safe navigation

The aim of "BCN Ronda Verde" is to discover the most important natural areas of the metropolitan area of Barcelona while practicing mountain biking. This track links Parc de Collserola, La Marina, Corredor, Montnegre, Montseny, Sant Llorenç del Munt i l'Obac, Montserrat and Garraf, ending again in Parc de Collserola...


Road cycling: A demanding workout

Our next proposal is an intense training for road cyclists. In this example you will find a track with an initial warming phase of 10 kilometers. The track increases its complexity at constant level until reaching the first mountain pass. From here, begin the ascent phase at good pace. At the middle section of the track there is a small descent, that is the perfect opportunity to recover energy before facing the next stage. Remember to check your heart rate and average speed during the whole itinerary to maintain high training intensity...


MTB: Off to a good start!

Proper training is key to tackle any track. You should prepare yourself before the real action begins: balance your energy and keep your limitations in mind (take a rest to recover when needed). In this example track, mid-way are technical trails for practice.... and a descent to help you recover afterwards...


MTB: Do these training sessions really work?

The moment of truth is here, now it is up to you to prove if the daily workouts have been worth the while. We recoverd this example track of a 100km long route to help you evaluate if you improved with respect to previous seasons. We chose this track because it offeres flat sections to ride at high pace, some mountain passes with varying intensity and descents for recovery...


MTB: The Milenio Titan Desert or the importance of navigation know-how

Every day during the legendary Titan Desert race, all participants receive the information required for the next stage (waypoints and advices). The route is determined by these waypoints that all participants are required to pass. Each participant must include the waypoints in his GPS and there is total freedom with respect to the route chosen to navigate to each of these waypoints...


MTB: How to increase power?

We can call our example track "Single speed day", making short but intensive climbs at very low cadence. If you follow this routine, you will improve the power level of your body: this is very useful in order to overcome the obstacles we might come across during any competition...


MTB: How to prepare a long stage with your GPS?

When preparing for a long stage, as in this example, you should define which information shall be displayed on the screen of the GPS. This information will help you take full control over your efforts...