Many of our users recognise that after an outing or after coming back from a trip one thing they love doing is downloading all the information saved on their devices. Because looking at your route and sharing it with your friends is one of the great delights of TwoNav. Relive la experience!


View data

Lots of information at your fingertips

You can analyse your route in detail, looking at a host of data on it, including waypoint times, distance and height differences, viewing the results in the form of illustrative graphs... or review a whole range of information to enable you to relive the experience.

TwoNav GPS

Comprehensive analysis: compare, store and share

Assess and progress with Land

The current potential of our Land software is stunning, giving you a comprehensive analysis of any route. Thus, Land allows you to create real e-Roadbooks in which you can include additional information, photographs or telephone numbers connected with the route, as well as sharing it with friends or improving your performance with the data the 'Virtual coach' gives you after each training session.

Land software